Chessex Polyhedral Dice Set: Speckled

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Speckled Dice have been a fan favorite for decades!

Polyhedral 7-Die Dice Set:

  • 1x - D4 (Four Sided Dice)
  • 1x - D6 (Six Sided Dice)
  • 1x - D8 (Eight Sided Dice)
  • 1x - D10 (Ten Sided Dice)
  • 1x - Percentile (Double Digit Ten Sided Dice)
  • 1x - D12 (Twelve Sided Dice)
  • 1x - D20 (Twenty Sided Dice)

All Dice are read from the top for easy Comprehension.

Uses an Underscore for easy differentiation between 6 and 9 

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