The Army Painter: Warpaint Speedpaint 2.0

Color: Speedpaint Medium
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Featuring a comprehensive selection of the most sought after colors in combination with an innovative resin medium solution – Speedpaint 2.0 flows perfectly over your miniatures for vibrant saturation, rich shadows, and an easy highlight all in one-coat. What’s more, Speedpaint 2.0 offers unparalleled control for even coverage that yields better looking results. Whether you’re using the smart selection of paints in the Starter Set, the extended range Mega Set 2.0, the full Complete Set 2.0 or picking just the perfect bottles for the job off the rack, the Speedpaint 2.0 range of 90 colors offers a wealth of tools for the beginner and veteran miniature hobbyists alike.

One thing is for sure: from primer coat to tabletop-ready – Speedpaint 2.0 is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to bring beautifully painted miniatures to life on the gaming table.

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